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Susan Hollar
About Susan Hollar
Susan Hollar is an RDI Certified consultant and licensed Speech Pathologist who serves children with language disorders, speech deficits, Autism, Down Syndrome, and Central Auditory Processing Disorders.

She teaches at the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, CA State University - Northridge. Ms. Hollar received specialized training in Clinical Intervention for children through the Neurodevelopment Disabilities Program, USC University Affiliated Program at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Ms. Hollar is actively involved in research and is a frequent presenter. Recent

  projects include communication deficits in children with Opsoclonus-Ataxia Due to Childhood Neuroblastoma (Journal of Pediatrics) and Adequacy of Care for Children with Developmental Disabilities in the Los Angeles area. She participated in the CALSTAT Regional Forum on Family Partnerships and is an advocate for parental rights and inclusion practices through building of collaborative partnerships in educational settings.

Member of American Speech Language Association; Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders - Stanley Greenspan; Autism Society, Down Syndrome Society, Dyslexia Society.

Susan Hollar
About Susan Hollar
Communication plays a vital role in all aspects of a child’s everyday life - in school, families and recreation. When communication processes are damaged, human interactions are limited and profound social and academic consequences can result.

Hollar Speech and Language Services focuses on improving speech/language skills in children using a family centered model to enhance interactive communication that supports the child's social and academic growth.

Pediatric Language Therapy
Children who have difficulty understanding what is said to them or expressing themselves through speech and gestures many have language deficits. Common problems manifest in a child’s ability to ask and answer questions, follow directions, tell stories and interact socially with others. Treating these deficits can significantly increase a child's school and social performance.

  Pediatric Speech Therapy
Children who are hard to understand stutter or whose voices sound rough, hoarse or nasal, all have speech problems. Timely intervention can reduce frustration and isolation from family and friends, while decreasing the risk to future reading and spelling difficulties.

We provide Evaluation and Treatment of:

  • Language Delays and Disorders
  • Language-Based Learning Disabilities
  • Deficits in Social Use of Language (Pragmatics)
  • Central Auditory Processing Deficits
  • Articulation and Phonological Disorders
  • Craniofacial Speech Disorders(Cleft Palate)
  • Tongue Thrust (Orthodontic Support Services
In addition to traditional language intervention strategies, Hollar Speech/Language Services also utilizes the following intervention approaches: Greenspan Floor Time Model Links to Language. This is a child centered play based approach which is utilized to increase language skills.
Susan Hollar
About Susan Hollar
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Susan Hollar
About Susan Hollar
Susan Hollar
RDI Program Certified Consultant
Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist
Cal License # 1137

(818)269-0143 (Phone)
(818) 957-0607 (Fax)
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